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A Forum for Dialogues

Can physics be poetized? Is there a rhetoric of physics? Physics and literature represent two diametrically opposed ways of viewing the world. In combination they could develop a productive potential. At present however, no institutionalised dialogue exists.

The interdisciplinary research-centre ELINAS aims at creating an institutionalised infrastructure for research, dedicated to the reciprocal transfer of knowledge between physics and literature. The center is concerned with the importance of language and metaphors in physical research as well as with discursive and narrative modulations of scientific theories in literary texts.

ELINAS founded and publishes a book series at De Gruyter:


NCS Symposium 21.-23.10.16, Symposium: Narrative, Cognition & Science Lab
The symposium takes place at the Orangerie in Erlangen. [more]
Lavinia Greenlaw 21.10.16, Reading: Lavinia Greenlaw
The author Lavinia Greenlaw from London will read from her oeuvre within the course of the symposium "Narrative, Cognition & Science Lab". The reading is titled "Unstable Regions". [more]
Lavinia Greenlaw 2.10.16, Release Reading: (Dunkle Energie, "Dark Energy")
Due to their anniversary the young publisher "homunculus" celebrated a release reading: It is the first time that some authors of the yearly anthology "Seitenstechen #2" read texts from this volume on dark energy (Martin Piekar, Caroline Hartge und Tobias Falkberg). It had been a pure lyric poetry reading taking up the recent discussion about the role of lyric poetry. [more]

Look at the online version of the fourth newsletter of ELINAS.